About this project:

Prophecy Failed is a completed webcomic that originally updated from June 2009 through July 2017. Prophecy Failed (again) exists to rerun the entire comic, but with commentary that can be provided now that all the spoilers have been spoiled and the story has been finished for a few years.

If you prefer to read the comic without spoiler commentary, or want to finish reading the story ASAP, go to prophecyfailed.com.

About Prophecy Failed

An ex-soldier, a bard, a child prophet, and her guardian embark on a journey to save the kingdom while on the run from the very people they’re trying to protect.

About the creator:

Sara McCardle-Blunk grew up in rural California, where there isn’t much to do other than make up stories about people who don’t exist. And play video games. She also likes science, history, books, and other things, but does not like The Doors. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with two cats and a brother.

Contact info:

Email: saramccardleblunk @ gmail dot com
Links: linktr.ee/whoatheresara