Leon concept art

Leon was my "try new things" character. Someone large and nonwhite with an interesting nose. I also created him back when I was really ignorant of issues real POC experience ("colorblind"), but I've always tried to do right by him.

Leon's quiet and complicated and he's never going to be the kind of person who tells you all about himself. He grew up being a servant to a rich person (he worked a lot with their horses), learned speak the local language and read and write and is very smart but also hampered by being an immigrant with few rights. (None of this was intended to be allegorical to the real world, but.) Leon's aromantic and asexual and got married to someone because it was nice to be liked and wanted, but she only married him because she thought he'd inherit from the rich person. He didn't, she left. He turned to prizefighting. Julian was secretly attending these fights, they became friends, Julian gave him an in to a good job being a bodyguard for a kid, you basically know what happens from there.

I originally gave Leon three swords because three swords = 300% power, but then I'd have to draw three swords, so he just kept the big one. I kept forgetting to draw the sleeve garters, so I got rid of them.