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Did you know it's actually not great to start a story with an info dump? It alienates you from the story itself and you're stuck with a bunch of contextless information. Especially in this case, where it sets up a whole bunch of possibilities that you're never going to see.

I'd like to thank all the people before me who made colored maps because I didn't know what I was doing with color back then and just emulated what I'd seen before, so the colors hold up pretty well. (You are somehow going to see a lot more color-related commentary than you'd think for a monochrome comic; I apologize for nothing.)

The city of Brightwater is that castle-ish thing next to a river and I'm actually glad I looked at this map because I thought the city was a lot farther south than that. Maybe don't start out with a map because you're just going to lock yourself into things at the very beginning and eliminate any geographical leeway you might need.